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Anti Estrogen Or Anti Aromatase

What does "anti-estrogen" mean? How are anti-estrogens like Cytadren, Clomid, and Nolvadex different from each other? Is Proviron an anabolic steroid, or not?
Anti-estrogens are drugs which act to reduce estrogenic activity in the body. This can be done either by reducing the amount of estrogen, or by reducing the activity of whatever estrogen is present.

Competitive aromatase inhibitors, such as Cytadren, Arimidex, and probably Proviron, bind to the same binding site on the aromatase enzyme that testosterone does. By doing this, they allow less testosterone to bind to aromatase. So, less testosterone is converted to estradiol (estrogen).

Here's an important thing: the effectiveness of competitive inhibitors decreases as the amount of the normal substrate increases. Suppose that you had equal amounts of inhibitor and normal substrate in the blood, and they bound to the enzyme equally well. Then the inhibitor would at any moment be taking up half the sites that the normal substrate otherwise would, so it would reduce conversion rate by 50%. But if the amount of substrate is increased 10 times while the amount of inhibitor remains the same, then the inhibitor would be out competed by the more numerous substrate molecules. It would therefore be rather ineffective.

For example, with more testosterone molecules available, and similar binding strengths, the enzyme will mostly bind testosterone. It will then mostly be working to produce estrogen. To obtain the 50% reduction we had before, then the amount of inhibitor would also have to be increased 10 times.

To be really effective, the inhibitor must either be present in higher concentration than the normal substrate, or must bind more tightly.

With Cytadren or Proviron, it takes quite a lot of inhibitor to out compete high testosterone levels. With Arimidex, rather little, even 1 mg/day, can be sufficient because it binds so strongly.

The other general approach is estrogen receptor antagonism. If a molecule binds strongly to a hormone receptor, but does not activate that receptor and makes it unresponsive to the normal hormone, then it is a receptor antagonist. Clomid (clomiphene) and Nolvadex (tamoxifen) follow this approach. These drugs are very similar structurally. They are both what are called triphenylethylenes, and are not steroids. The differences are relatively minor, but seem to affect an important characteristic of these compounds: drug metabolism.

Both tamoxifen and clomiphene are metabolized to other related compounds which can be estrogenic or anti-estrogenic. Both act as estrogens in bone tissue, perhaps after metabolism, which is a very useful property for female patients, for whom these drugs are usually intended. (Otherwise, an anti-estrogen could lead to osteoporosis.) Tamoxifen seems particularly prone to acting as an estrogen in the liver, which may account for reduced IGF-1 levels seen when this drug is taken.

Users generally seem to agree that when tamoxifen is used, gains are a little less than what otherwise would be expected. (Let's not take this too far though: many people have made great gains while using tamoxifen as an anti-estrogen. And it's always hard to say what "would" have been the case if a drug had not been included.) I've heard nothing but good about clomiphene, though.

Proviron, an anabolic steroid, is particularly interesting. It not only acts as an anti-aromatase but in an unknown DHT-like anti-estrogenic manner. This might involve estrogen receptor downregulation for example. In any case, aromatase inhibition and/or Clomid don't seem to give the same effect on appearance and muscle hardness as when Proviron is included.

How much of these agents is needed for effective estrogen suppression?
Again, it depends on the dose of anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS) and it depends what type of AAS is being used.

With Primobolan or trenbolone there is no need for these drugs.
With nandrolone, an aromatase inhibitor will be of no use, because aromatase is not used in the aromatization of nandrolone. A rather small amount of estrogen receptor antagonist can be useful. 12.5 to 25 mg Clomid would be plenty for 400 mg/week Deca.

With testosterone, stacking of an aromatase inhibitor and an estrogen receptor antagonist will give the best results. Cytadren use should not exceed 250 mg/day in my opinion. This alone would not be sufficient for say 1 g/week or more of testosterone. With such a dose, ideally one would add in 50 mg/day Clomid. Proviron at 100 mg/day could substitute for the Cytadren. Or Cytadren and Proviron can be used in combination, 125/50 or higher, together with 50 mg/day Clomid.

For lower doses of testosterone, proportionally less antiestrogens can be used.
Arimidex is very effective but extremely expensive. 1 mg/day of this is at least as effective as 250 mg/day Cytadren. If a milligram per day cannot be afforded, use of half a milligram would allow Cytadren use to be cut in half, which may be desirable.

How does Clomid "stimulate" testosterone production at the end of the cycle?
It really doesn't. Rather, by acting as an estrogen receptor antagonist, it reduces the inhibition that results from elevated estradiol levels. This helps return LH to normal levels, which helps testosterone to return to normal levels (if the testicles have not atrophied).

How does HCG help?
Acts as an LH receptor agonist, thus substituting for LH. It does nothing to help the hypothalamus and pituitary. Thus, it can be effective during the cycle to help avoid testicular atrophy, but is not best used in the taper when one is attempting to restore LH production. Increases in natural testosterone, stimulated by the HCG, will act to inhibit LH production. Thus, you can see where HCG use is counterproductive in the taper itself.

Can Clomid, taken throughout a cycle, completely eliminate inhibition?
I do not believe so. There is also androgenic inhibition mediated by the androgen receptor, which has nothing to do with the estrogen receptor. Androgenic inhibition is unavoidable and cannot be helped by estrogen receptor antagonists. However, use of Clomid throughout a cycle can definitely reduce the degree of the inhibition and allow a speedier recovery at the end of the cycle.

Is it safe to take Clomid for so many weeks? I heard it should only be taken for 2 weeks.
The two week idea comes from the fact that medically its main use is to help women with fertility problems. Because of the menstrual cycle, there are only certain times of the month when there is any chance of ovulation. It is pointless, then, for these women to take the drug for more than two weeks at a time. Some have misconstrued this to apply to males.
Men have taken the drug in clinical studies for a year continuously. It is a rather safe drug.

Why do you say not to use more than 250 mg/day of Cytadren?
Cytadren has two main therapeutic activities. At high doses, such as a gram per day, it is a very effective inhibitor of the enzyme desmolase, which is required for all steroid production, and is rate limiting for the production of cortisol. So the drug is very useful for treating patients with Cushing's Syndrome, who produce abnormally high levels of cortisol.

It is also an inhibitor of aromatase, and it is a better aromatase inhibitor than a desmolase inhibitor. About 250 mg/day is sufficient for fairly good inhibition of aromatase, resulting in only fairly low levels of desmolase inhibition.

As dosage increases, aromatase inhibition does not improve much, but desmolase inhibition increases greatly.

Even at 250 mg day, there is still significant desmolase inhibition. Other side effects, such as lethargy, may bother some individuals even at this dose.

Why is desmolase inhibition bad? Cortisol is the enemy of our muscles, and we want to reduce it.
Those articles are written by people trying to sell you alleged cortisol-reducing supplements.

While abnormally high levels of cortisol are indeed muscle wasting, abnormally low levels of cortisol do not result in extra muscle growth, and cause joint problems.

You've talked about tapering off Cytadren. Why?
There is a feedback mechanism for production of cortisol. Low levels of cortisol enhance release of corticotropin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, and ACTH from the pituitary. Both will result in higher production of cortisol.

So moderate inhibition of desmolase will temporarily reduce cortisol, but soon it will be back to normal as this feedback mechanism compensates.

If you then suddenly discontinue the drug, then these elevated ACTH levels will result in abnormally high cortisol for a time, until the body adjusts again. This can be avoided simply by tapering down over about a week.

Should Cytadren be taken all at once, or in divided doses?
Because the half life is only 6 or 8 hours, if the drug is taken only once, then through part of the day there will be little drug in the system, and little anti-aromatase activity.

The best approach is to use half the dose on arising (or an hour or two afterwards) to get blood levels from a somewhat low level up to the desired maintenance level. This would then be followed by quarters of the dose at 7 or 8 hour intervals twice after that.

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Long-Term Use of Clomid or Nolvadex to Increase Testosterone Levels

There has been an on-going debate about the prolonged use of either Clomid and Nolvadex amongst steroid junkies.

What are Clomid and Nolvadex?

Both Clomid and Nolvadex are two very popular SERMs or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. These drugs are often recommended in

    Fertility programs for both male and female patients
    Supplemental plan for the performing athletes and
    Mostly during the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) of anabolic steroid users.

Out of these we are going to study the long term use of these drugs amongst the anabolic steroid users.

What is the Function of Nolvadex and Clomid During PCT?

Nolvadex and Clomid are used for two purposes during the PCT

    To enhance and to trigger the natural production of testosterone in the body
    To retrieve the body to homeostasis.

What Happens to Testosterone During Steroid Cycle?

A steroid is a kind of pre-hormone injecting synthetic testosterone supplement into the body. As the body recognizes this exogenous compound to be an androgenic hormone, it quickly shuts down the production of its own androgenic hormone (testosterone) to avoid the risk of over production or accumulation in the body. This is the negative feedback that is triggered indigenously and inadvertently. The user is not alarmed by the temporarily low testosterone level because it is provided for by the drug. Both androgenic and anabolic qualities are sometimes gained at the same time during the on cycle.

However the user will go into low testosterone levels when the supply of the steroid is inhibited at the end of the cycle. Low testosterone levels could mean a lot of things for the guy. For example,

    Reduced sex drive
    Loss of muscle mass
    Increase in fatty weight gain and
    Balding of head amongst others.

Consistent use of these steroids that depress the production of testosterone could also lead to the increase in Estrogen levels leading to woman-like characteristics like increase in the size of man-boobs.

Role of Nolvadex and Clomid in PCT

Post cycle therapy is the period off of steroids to give the time to the body to reach the hormonal equilibrium and maintain homeostasis. This also means neutralizing the levels of testosterone in the body so that the negative side effects of the steroid can be diminished. Most men face a lot of difficulty during PCT which means that there body is either taking a longer time to bring the things back to normal or is being incapable of catalyzing the production of Testosterone.

These are the cases in which Nolvadex and Clomid are recommended by the doctors and peers to the people who are on steroids. Both of these drugs are strong compounds and therefore good choices as far as releasing the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) into the blood is concerned. This hormone works to promote the steady production of Testosterone in the body.

These drugs are also prescribed as an anti-estrogen and a HDL cholesterol supporter within the body. This is why some steroid users often use it during the cycle too.

Harms of Prolonging the Use of Nolvadex and Clomid

Both Nolvadex and Clomid are carcinogenic in their properties and therefore are never recommended for prolonged use. There has been a limited study about the daily use of Clomid for over an year in men to combat infertility successfully but the results cannot be generalized.

So far only a few weeks per year during the PCT is the recommended dosage of both Nolvadex or Clomid in steroid users to bring their testosterone up to normal levels. Depending upon the nature of individual case, the risk over benefit has to be assessed.

Conclusion. As long as moderate use of Clomid and Nolvadex is ensured it will have good influence on testosterone level, hence you will build muscle fast.

Unlike other drugs this mix should not be used by the principle the more you take, the higher gains will be achieved. A range of side effects are at the corner and come into play once the threshold is passed. Dosage them as lower as possible and take a close eyes on signs you body shows.

When something bad is noticed to happen to you body, stop the use. If there is good news with taking steroids then this is the fact that any side effect disappears once consumption is ceased.

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Best Testosterone Boosters

If you don’t know for sure what testosterone boosters are then read this article and find out what type of substances they are and how they benefit your body.  But if you are involved in bodybuilding activity for a while, have heard something about these agents and are planning to pick up for use but not sure which one is the best - you will find the best recommendation further in this article.

Testosterone is the most powerful androgen, male sex hormone which is found in small amounts in women too. In men, testosterone is fully responsible for big and fast gains in muscle mass. During weight training program testosterone level goes high with almost 40%, meaning a greater muscle development. No other hormone have such powerful influence in building muscle mass.
With the development of nutritional science, were created a number of testosterone boosters to help with not only building and maintaining muscle mass, but also improve body endurance.
Testosterone natural production lowers with aging, so that on your 25 years you are in the peak while starting with 40 testosterone starts to go down.

Diseases caused by decrease of testosterone because of aging:

    Low libido;
    Sarcopenia (muscle loss with aging);
    Memory loss and lack of focus;
    Slower metabolism and fat gains;

Taking testosterone boosters will help you to prevent all these diseases as long as you do it right. Testosterone boosters are drugs, hence if abused of wrongly administered can cause serious side effects.
Drug abuse is the problem of many bodybuilders. They begin to use of one for increasing test level and keep adding other to treat side effects and so one. A vicious circle that has no chance for good finish. Choose one or maximum two of the testosterone boosters we are going to present you, stick with them and progress will be visible soon.
Maybe the most popular testosterone booster on the supplement market at the moment. It presents strong steroids characteristics, but it not a steroid at all.
Unlike anabolic steroids which are  synthetic derivatives of testosterone, Androstenedione is a plant-derivative agent which turn into testosterone when getting in contact with liver enzymes.

How powerful it is? Well, it use cause a spike in testosterone level of about 600%.
The side effects that may occur during its use have to be mentioned too. Since it’s not a steroids, Androstenedione safer with much less side effects.
However, such signs as head hair loss, body hair growth, acne, gynecomastia and increased aggression can be observed in some men after Androstenedione use.
It’s cheaper than other similar substances. Allowed for use for individual older than 21 years old,  for no longer than 6 weeks strictly followed by 4 weeks pause to let the body recover.

Tribulus Terestris
Tribulus Terrestris helps not only to improve muscle mass, but also increase sex drive and erections. It contains natural compound called  saponins which encourage the brain to produce more testosterone.
Timing is not very important, so that you can take it during your breakfast or lunch time. Find other supplements recommendation here: Best supplements for fast muscle gain for muscle insights about.

DHEA (hormone)
DHEA promotes testosterone production because it’s a precursor which body can turn into testosterone. The use of this hormone is recommended over reaching 30 years old because till that moment our body has enough of it. The normal dosage is around 25-50 mg daily and has not to exceed 100 mg.

Zinc-methionine-aspartate is a  mixture of 30 mg of Zinc, 450 mg of magnesium aspartate and 10.5 mg of Vitamin B6. Studies showed an 30% testosterone increase in individuals taking ZMA.
Essential fats, Glutamine, Creatine, Multivitamins are also very helpful in increasing testosterone level naturally.
Visit bodybuilding forums and take a look on supplements boards. No wonder to find ZMA being quite popular and largely discussed. This is because of easy availability and fair price.
Take it once a day before bedtime.

Whatever of these testosterone boosters you choose, make sure you lifestyle is totally supporting your new goal.

Following a protein rich diet, working out in the gym for at least 2 times a week is the minimum you have to do to to maximize the effects of any of the testosterone boosters you take. Also, don’t forget about getting enough sleep, enough recovery time and stress reduction.

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The effects of steroids use on blood lipids

There are many side effects associated with steroids use. However, most of them are exaggerated and are not scientifically based. During the years, steroids gain new stereotypes, that are totally unfounded.  One of the side effects assigned to steroids use suppose that steroids lower the density good cholesterol ( lipoprotein cholesterol HDL), and raise the level of bad cholesterol (LDL).

Good cholesterol brings unused cholesterol to liver, where it is broken down, protecting this way the arteries. Bad cholesterol has the opposite effect of good one. So, let’s see further what science says about the influence of steroid son blood lipids.

The best way to show it, is to look for some researches that shows the relation between steroid use and level of good cholesterol in the body.

Some time ago, a group of scientists have undertaken to examine bodybuilders who use steroids. The main goal was to find out how they affect the blood. Also, scientists were looking to detect  in the blood abnormalities associated with the typical bodybuilding diet.

So, during three consecutive days scientists have recorded the athlete’s daily menu and took them a blood test. On average, athletes take daily from 25 to 250 mg of oral or injectable steroids.
Regarding the diet, it was a typical one. Bodybuilders received  49% percent of their daily calories from carbohydrates, 22% of the proteins (about 2.7 grams per kilogram of body weight) and 29% – from fat. Here have to be mentioned that the dose of  cholesterol taken by these athletes was 2.8 times higher than the recommended norm.
Along with this, they have taken from 100% to 600% of the recommended daily doses of medical vitamins and minerals.

It was strangely enough to detect that on the average the blood composition remained within normal limits. Only the proportion of good cholesterol in the overall cholesterol deviated from the normal range, and this in a positive way.

Surely, judging by the result of this experiment, doesn’t  mean that steroids can be taken without risk to health. But, have to be taken in consideration the medical condition of any bodybuilder before getting involved in taking steroids. Thus, if bodybuilder is genetically predisposed to heart disease, even a small increase in the level of cholesterol can cause thrombophlebitis, heart attack, or other serious diseases. On the other hand, the clearly overloaded diet with carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals has no negative impact on the blood, as well as steroids. According to the results of this experiment, the situation is quite opposite.

steroids The effects of steroids use on blood lipids

Apparently, bodybuilding is that environment which protect bodybuilders from the adverse effects of steroids and systematic overeating. Big weights turn the physiology of bodybuilders in a special mode, when their bodies are ready to grind any alien biochemistry. In any case, the experiments refute common nowadays myth that bodybuilders are walking disabilities.

So, there are many people assuming that the athletes who takes steroids have big risk of cardiovascular disease. But, strangely enough, it was not detected any case that was confirmed by doctors as having the cause of death steroids use.  Also, if you will tell em that we will have to look on the future and see what will happen people who take steroids at the moment tan here is answer for this too. There are many  bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes who have taken steroids for years already. They all have to be already dead if the myth about steroids use would be true. Moreover, almost all old bodybuilders are in great shape and have no important health issues.

But what will happen if you take increased doses of steroids for long periods of time? There were reported cases when androgen were taken for a very long time- six months of year.  And even in this case the negative side effects were either minimal or not observed at all. For example, the World Health Organization has studied the use of testosterone enanthate (mild androgen) as a contraceptive for men. The experiment involved 271 people from 7 countries. Once a week for years, they were injected with 200 mg. In total, each man received about 10,000 mg, and the drug has been very effective contraceptive. In this case, the side effects were minimal and completely reversible.

Another convincing example is the further one. Teenage boys with hypertrophy of growth  have taken weekly injections of 250 mg of testosterone enanthate throughout a year. Approximately 10 years after treatment testicular size and reproductive ability of all patients fully comply with the norm. Also recently in the British Medical Journal, it was reported that ten weekly injections of 600 mg of the same drug cause a significant increase in muscle “mass” both on man who practice bodybuilding and those who are not. None of them had a noticeable change in triglyceride levels, the “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Meanwhile, the dose they received ten times exceeded therapeutic doses and three times the contraceptive one.

All these examples are meant to prove that use of steroids are not always harmful. And there are many other cases when the use of steroids has just good impact on health.

As you see there is compelling evidence that confirm the myth about mortal danger of steroids. No doubt every time a person decide to use steroids take some risk that he need to be aware of.  But before drawing conclusions, it is necessary to determine exactly the extent of this risk. Frankly speaking, the risk of death in an accident is much higher than as a result of using anabolic steroids. But this does not mean that we have to avoid all risk situations. There are some important criteria which define the risk of anabolic steroids use. Namely, it is about the type of steroid you are going to take, the length of cycles and even their numbers, breaks between cycles and heredity of athlete.  To minimize side effects, doctors began advising athletes taking steroids. Delaying tactic does no credit to physicians and scientists. It is obviously that steroid abuse is not acceptable, but thsi doesnthrough banning we will not achieve anything. The best solution is a open and honest conversation about the real consequences of the use of steroids.

There are millions of people taking steroids. The number of people who smoke or consume alcohol is quite higher, but however these vices are not so blamed as steroids are. So, think twice and you will see that smoke and alcohol are more dangerous than steroids, and despite of this they continue to be popular nowadays. Moreover, steroids have to be seen as any other type of drugs which incorrect use can trigger serious side effects.

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Deca Durabolin and recovery of testosterone production

Do you know Deca Durabolin is also known as Nandrolone Decanoate? Yes, it is an inject-able anabolic steroid. It is the most common and popular form of Nandrolone. Due to the attachment of the Decanoate to the Nandrolone the release times as well as the half life of the steroid can be spread out for more convenience in injections.

While at first, it saw many medical uses, the modern FDA cut back its uses to treating anemic patients, HIV/AIDS patients, and any others who were losing muscle mass due to their condition. It is still widely available in the US, despite cessations and bans of many other steroids.

The Benefits of Taking Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is considered mild in comparison to other anabolic steroids on the issue of side effects. Watch this video to see Deca benefits over one of the most powerful steroids- Tren. Over years of studies, it does not seem to exhibit the same rate of the usual side effects everyone associates with steroids, such as hair loss, aggression, and increases in blood pressure and severe changes in lipids, kidney functions and liver values. This makes it a very popular choice for many steroid users. Despite its popularity for the lack of side effects, it has one major drawback.

Deca Durabolin and recovery of testosterone productionDeca Dick: The Side Effect that Really Matters

One of the well known side effects of steroid use is an effect on testosterone levels. Different types of steroids result in different levels of decrease in production of testosterone. Deca Durabolin is one of the most powerful steroids in use, and thus it creates a serious and noticeable decrease in testosterone levels.

“Deca Dick” has become commonly used slang to describe those on the steroid with Erectile Dysfunction. It is a hot topic in every forum and unfortunately for Deca Durabolin users, not only is it incredibly potent, but also has a higher recovery time for the user to recover to regular testosterone levels.

Is there more to low testosterone than just ED?

Most people know that lower testosterone levels will decrease a man’s libido. But there are a number of other risks and side effects of low testosterone levels that are often forgotten in the wake of erectile dysfunction. Some of these side effects include increased body fat, fragile bones, swelling and tenderness of breast tissue, hot flashes, and increased fatigue.

It can also affect sleep cycles and cause depression. These issues, which could develop into more serious problems, should be kept in mind along with ED when considering the benefits of Post Cycle Therapy.

The Benefits and Importance of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy can be crucial to increasing testosterone levels at a more desirable rate. PCT is much more than just recovering testosterone. PCT helps to keep your entire endocrine system healthy. In the early days of steroids in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s not much was known about their effects on the endocrine system. It wasn’t until the 80’s or 90’s that doctors and scientists realized the extent to which steroids affected the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). PCT was born out of this revelation, and has been encouraged ever since.

The Results of Skipping PCT

While a body can usually rebalance itself in 1 to 4 months that could be counteractive to the benefits of the steroid cycle it as the imbalance has enough time to affect the body in multiple ways. Decreasing the time it takes the body to regain testosterone levels (which can be as low as 75% decrease in Deca Durabolin users) can ensure the health of the endocrine system as well as the avoidance of other symptoms that come with below average testosterone levels.


Deca can indeed cause you huge muscle growth, but wrong use can also lead to serious side effects. In order to stay safe and enjoy great results, educate yourself about Deca proper usage, side effects, stacks, recommendations and things to avoid.  PCT is just one of them and play a big role.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fast and slow acting steroids: What’s the difference?

There are many bodybuilders who wonder about the steroids half-life, and how this is related to the time one or another steroid get into the system. To make this question clear for everybody who is a novice in steroids usage, or have some experience but missed this answer till now, I write down everything you need to know about fast and slow steroids.

First of all, the categorisation of fast/slow steroids comes from the half-lives of each anabolic. This is a term commonly used among steroids users, but not all of them know the right meaning of it. The half-life of each steroid means the time needed for a drug to be  reduced to the half of it dosage. This process continue until the steroid is out of the system totally. Depending on amount of time on steroid needs to reach half-life are called fast or slow. Thus, those steroids who are faster absorbed are named fast steroids, while those who require more time for this are known as slow acting steroids.

Anabolic steroids are mainly used in two forms injected or orals. Each bodybuilder prefer one of this ways for vary reasons. People who fear needles find oral steroids the most appropriate for them. Namely this people can praise with noticeable results in muscle growth and strength even within few days. The idea is that orals steroids are fast acting anabolics, that work much rapidly and make the muscle grow several days after ingesting them. The downside is that after coming off steroids a big part of this gains are lost.

Contrary to this, injectable steroids stay for longer time in our system and the help you to preserve the most of gains made over the cycling. Thereby, if usually after steroid cycle is considered normal to lose 5%-10% of weight gained during the cycle, than in case of oral based steroid cycle the losses would be quite high.

Mixing fast and slow acting steroids is what every steroid user should do. In all steroid cycle recommended on the internet, either for bulking or cutting, taking injectable steroids is accompanied by one oral steroid. This is required because oral give a kick start while injectable continue the growth and makes the gains able to be conserved. For example, if you take testosterone only steroid, than you will have to wait for minimum ten days to begin see the results. Adding to this cycle an oral steroid like Dianabol for first 4-6 weeks will offer a good start for the body and when you cease it muscle continue to grow with testosterone. The advantage is that testosterone help you to keep the muscle gains of dianabol, having also a great synergetic effect.

In case of esterified compounds like testosterone cypionate, the half-life of drug depends on the active life of attached esters. So, test propionate is a short life/fast acting steroids, and have to be injected each day or each other day. Test cypionate need much more time to be break down by the system.

In general, fast steroids have to be administered more frequently,  on a daily or each other day basis. They are pretty fast assimilated and body needs another dose to continue building muscle process. Also, fast steroids are mostly used for cutting purposes, but this is not a rule.

All orals are considered good for a kick start steroid cycle, in the top of them are Dbol, Anadrol, testosterone propionate, testosterone suspension.  These are the most recommended orals to include in your cycle, either for bulking, cutting or for increasing strength. Among injectable steroids with fast acting activity can be mentioned test propionate, equipoise, nandrolone phenylpropionate and others.

If you are about choosing the best of them than it is testosterone suspension. With no esters attached to it, and administered through injections, this steroid makes your muscle growth even in few hours. Despite it sound unbelievable, the truth is that this is a very potent anabolic, providing with amazing strength gains. Especially powerlifters love it for this effect. It has to be injected daily, before the meal. The downside is that injections are very painful, being suspended in a water vehicle and not oil as in other cases. Adding to this that you have to inject them daily, and even better would be to split the dose throughout the day to keep the blood hormone level stable, than it becomes quite unattractive. Also, test suspension do not fit persons who look to increase muscle mass, as it especially elevates strength body characteristics.

The half-lives of steroids also determine the time they are detect in the blood. Fast acting AAS can be detectable within few days to several weeks. Long acting steroids can remain in the body for up to one year. This aspect is has an big importance for bodybuilders or other athletes who compete and do not want to be caught on steroids on drug tests. Those who are out any competition look for steroids that provide with gains that can be kept after ending cycling.

A steroid is not active in the body only the time there occur some obvious side effects. Even in case of no side effects, if you used a long acting steroids, it continue to be in your body for long time ahead. Keep this in mind every time you are about running a new steroid cycle, to avoid unwanted side effects.

Summarizing the above, can be said that the difference between fast and slow acting steroids is the amount of time they require for being breaking down by system. Fast steroids give results few days from administration, while long acting need much more time for this. Oral steroids in proportions of 99% are fast acting steroids, and are used as kickstarters in a steroid cycle. They are followed by long acting steroids, which help to preserve the gains made over the cycle. For tremendous increase in body strength indicators can be used test suspension. The main disadvantage is painful injections each day. Other fast acting steroids are Dbol, testosterone propionate, Anadrol.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Do steroids affect penis size?

There always have been many rumors related to steroid use. None of them was scientifically proven, but once launched they continue to live in the people’s heads as truths. Over the years, steroids were considered the root of all evils. However, there are many active steroid users who have taken them during long years and are enjoying now a healthy life.

One of the claim regarding steroid usage is that they affect penis size, causing its shrinkage. If you had the same opinion until now, than it’s time to find out do steroids or not affect male sex organ.

Which is the origin of this fear

Steroids usage in men has some very specific side effects among which is testicles shrinkage. This happens because body get a great amount of synthetic steroids and slow down the own process of testosterone production. In result, testicles begin to shrink. But the good news with steroids is that all side effects disappear once the consumption is finished. So, once you are off steroid cycle your testicles regain their previous function and get to normal size.

From this very one aspect and believing that steroids may cause your penis get smaller too is just a little step. But it is not so. Whether you want it bigger or smaller, anabolic steroids in no way affect your penis size and there is nothing to do with this. They only make your muscle look bigger, but not your sexual organ.

Only taken too earlier, steroids may cause this undesired result

You have heard that steroids consumption is allowed only for those who are over 21. Have you ever ask yourself why? Because this is the time when growth age is reached. After this age taking steroids will not affect your male development. The same one can not be said if you decide to use them much earlier. Therefore, if you are younger than  21 and are involved in steroids consumption than steroids may have some effects on your penis size.

More safer for those who are under 21 is to take creatine. It proved very effective in improving body shape and is quite safe. Young bodies have a good reaction to protein powders. That’s why for them is quite enough these sources to increase body muscle mass and strength.

The last researches shown that 1, 5 millions of american young people are using steroids.The average age of begging using steroids is 15 years. These alarming results should worry all of us, since  the results steroids consumption has on these teenagers are dramatic. The responsibility for these uninformed teenagers lays both on parents and society.  Parents who pay less attention to these kids and overpass some physical visible changes, and society which set up model of well looking. These kids are easy to manipulate, and easily fall into the trap of well looking myth.

Get back to our subject and let’s mention that during anabolics use testicles size decreases because of low testosterone production. Along with this, the level of sperm lowers too. These are quite common effects in adult men and if you are about to take steroids then be ready for such side effects. Some other worsen side effects  of steroids consumption are developing gynecomastia, baldness or even infertility.

All these side effects might occur as result of abusing steroids. If taken in proper dosage and for not too long period of time steroids do not damage your health for the long run. You can simply cease steroids usage, and all it come to normal. How long it takes to normalize your own testosterone production and get rid of shrinkage aspect of your testicles? About 1-2 months, but with a proper post cycle therapy you can do it much faster.

Do steroids make your penis larger

The answer is no. Either you want to enhance or reduce your penis size, you will never manage to do it through steroid usage. Unless, as we said, you are younger than 21 years old. So, to be clear steroids just keep the size of your sexual organ as it is -no larger, or smaller- but affect your testicles size.  Make it a clear statement and say it to others who still believe this way.

Half of steroid users reported testicular atrophy as a common side effect of steroid usage

Research have shown that only 5% from one hundred steroids users hasn’t signaled any side effect as a result of steroid use. From the other 95%, half of them reported the shrinking of testicles as a common side effect. Other signaled side effects are insomnia, depression, high blood pressure and others.

To recap the above, can be said that the use of anabolic androgenic steroids are not responsible for penis size, unless you take them before reaching 21 years old. You are at your own risk doing so, but even in this case there are no studies who proved that steroids are responsible for enhancing or reducing penis size. This means that even you intend to use them for this solely purpose you will fail regardless of your primary aim.

Instead, steroids consumption may shrinkage your testiclues size, lower your libido and sperm count. But all these get back to normal once the steroids use is discontinued. Also, such factors as the length of steroid cycle, types of used steroids play a big role in preventing side unwanted side effects. So, take this piece of advice seriously: get informed about the finish before you begin!