Friday, November 28, 2014

Do steroids affect penis size?

There always have been many rumors related to steroid use. None of them was scientifically proven, but once launched they continue to live in the people’s heads as truths. Over the years, steroids were considered the root of all evils. However, there are many active steroid users who have taken them during long years and are enjoying now a healthy life.

One of the claim regarding steroid usage is that they affect penis size, causing its shrinkage. If you had the same opinion until now, than it’s time to find out do steroids or not affect male sex organ.

Which is the origin of this fear

Steroids usage in men has some very specific side effects among which is testicles shrinkage. This happens because body get a great amount of synthetic steroids and slow down the own process of testosterone production. In result, testicles begin to shrink. But the good news with steroids is that all side effects disappear once the consumption is finished. So, once you are off steroid cycle your testicles regain their previous function and get to normal size.

From this very one aspect and believing that steroids may cause your penis get smaller too is just a little step. But it is not so. Whether you want it bigger or smaller, anabolic steroids in no way affect your penis size and there is nothing to do with this. They only make your muscle look bigger, but not your sexual organ.

Only taken too earlier, steroids may cause this undesired result

You have heard that steroids consumption is allowed only for those who are over 21. Have you ever ask yourself why? Because this is the time when growth age is reached. After this age taking steroids will not affect your male development. The same one can not be said if you decide to use them much earlier. Therefore, if you are younger than  21 and are involved in steroids consumption than steroids may have some effects on your penis size.

More safer for those who are under 21 is to take creatine. It proved very effective in improving body shape and is quite safe. Young bodies have a good reaction to protein powders. That’s why for them is quite enough these sources to increase body muscle mass and strength.

The last researches shown that 1, 5 millions of american young people are using steroids.The average age of begging using steroids is 15 years. These alarming results should worry all of us, since  the results steroids consumption has on these teenagers are dramatic. The responsibility for these uninformed teenagers lays both on parents and society.  Parents who pay less attention to these kids and overpass some physical visible changes, and society which set up model of well looking. These kids are easy to manipulate, and easily fall into the trap of well looking myth.

Get back to our subject and let’s mention that during anabolics use testicles size decreases because of low testosterone production. Along with this, the level of sperm lowers too. These are quite common effects in adult men and if you are about to take steroids then be ready for such side effects. Some other worsen side effects  of steroids consumption are developing gynecomastia, baldness or even infertility.

All these side effects might occur as result of abusing steroids. If taken in proper dosage and for not too long period of time steroids do not damage your health for the long run. You can simply cease steroids usage, and all it come to normal. How long it takes to normalize your own testosterone production and get rid of shrinkage aspect of your testicles? About 1-2 months, but with a proper post cycle therapy you can do it much faster.

Do steroids make your penis larger

The answer is no. Either you want to enhance or reduce your penis size, you will never manage to do it through steroid usage. Unless, as we said, you are younger than 21 years old. So, to be clear steroids just keep the size of your sexual organ as it is -no larger, or smaller- but affect your testicles size.  Make it a clear statement and say it to others who still believe this way.

Half of steroid users reported testicular atrophy as a common side effect of steroid usage

Research have shown that only 5% from one hundred steroids users hasn’t signaled any side effect as a result of steroid use. From the other 95%, half of them reported the shrinking of testicles as a common side effect. Other signaled side effects are insomnia, depression, high blood pressure and others.

To recap the above, can be said that the use of anabolic androgenic steroids are not responsible for penis size, unless you take them before reaching 21 years old. You are at your own risk doing so, but even in this case there are no studies who proved that steroids are responsible for enhancing or reducing penis size. This means that even you intend to use them for this solely purpose you will fail regardless of your primary aim.

Instead, steroids consumption may shrinkage your testiclues size, lower your libido and sperm count. But all these get back to normal once the steroids use is discontinued. Also, such factors as the length of steroid cycle, types of used steroids play a big role in preventing side unwanted side effects. So, take this piece of advice seriously: get informed about the finish before you begin!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Prolactin-induced gynecomastia during a steroid cycle

Gynecomastia, known as “gyno”, is abnormal growth of breast tissue in males due to high estrogen levels. As men get into steroids, the occurrence of gyno is something they all wish to avoid. While there are a few reasons this phenomenon occurs, steroid use is a known culprit as there is heightened Estrogenic activity.

This causes the conversion of androgens to Estrogen during a steroid cycle. While it is seen as a common side effect, it is not widely known that it is one of the most avoidable side effects. There are many preventative measures that can be taken to avoid a prolactin induced Gynocomastia.

Can I know if I’m More Susceptible to contracting Gyno?

Because of the range of individual factors that go into being susceptible to gyno, there is no absolute way to know if you are at risk. Most people are not highly susceptible to gyno. The majority of the male population falls under average or below average susceptibility.

Some may never get gyno, but are constantly just a hairs length away from developing it. Others have it, and may not even know it. For this population, it will usually have developed during puberty. The slightest change in hormones can set off the effects of gyno in this population; though unless provoked, it usually remains dormant.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to figure out where on the spectrum you are. So if you want preventative measures, there are options available to you.

What Causes Elevated Prolactin?

Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is secreted in high dosage usually only by women who are breast feeding. It is abnormal for any man or woman not in that situation to have high levels of Prolactin. Prolactin becomes elevated by the elevation of Estradiol.

A way to avoid the elevation of Estradiol without other medications is to be aware of the amount of aromatizing steroids that are used in a cycle. By limiting use at the source you will keep from triggering the higher levels of Estradiol as well as Prolactin, thus using your own steroid regimen to your benefit.

Top 4 most aromatizing steroids are:

Can my Thyroid Affect Prolactin levels?
Low thyroid levels can also have an effect on higher levels of Prolactin. A lower thyroid level causes an increased level of THC to be secreted, stimulating the pituitary gland. This in turn secretes more Prolactin. Before you start a drug regimen of any kind concerning levels of high Prolactin, you should look into getting a thyroid test.

Not only will it potentially solve your Prolactin increase without unnecessary drugs, but low thyroid levels can bring a mess of symptoms to the body, such as depression, weakness, constipation, dry skin, or memory problems. If the thyroid is the issue, Prolactin levels are just one of many side effects that need attention.

If I just want to be safe, what should I take?
Many sources caution against taking anything for Prolactin unless you know you have an issue with your levels. If you know you are at risk, a dopaminergic drug can help lessen Prolactin secretion. Two of the more popular choices are Selegiline (Deprenyl) and Pramipexole (Mirapex).

The safer of the two choices is Deprenyl, with less of an effect on prolactin, at as dosage of 2.5 mg per day. Mirapex is recommended at a careful dosage of .25 to .5, right before bed. Pramipexole is more aggressive, but also more dangerous. Dosage should be monitored carefully, and it should not be taken without a blood test to ensure an actual Prolactin issue.

Right workout gonna help you a lot in getting rid of man boobs. Watch this video to find out best exercises for reducing gynocomastia  appearance.

Gyno is health condition that every bodybuilder should be aware of. That’s why we do not get tired or bored of this subject and try to come with fresh  and useful info about it.

To read even more about gyno click on this article “Gynecomastia and bodybuilding“- one of the most detailed post about breast enlargement.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Is muscle soreness a sign of an effective workout?

Bodybuilders have not many measures tools at disposal to evaluate the effectiveness of a workout. That’s why the sore occurred after training is mostly taken a sign that muscles have been worked enough. If you feel sore, than muscles were enough stimulated and they will grow, if not, little stress has put on them, therefore there will be no improvements in muscle size.

This is the common belief among bodybuilders in regard of muscle soreness after training. But the reality is a little different. Soreness is facultative and we shouldn’t rely on it to say whether a training was or not enough incentive.

What is muscle soreness?

The pain you feel within 24 hours after training and peaks within 2-3 days and then pass away during the next week. Because of its delayed occurrence it is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

How muscle soreness occurs

Soreness occurs after an unusual workout has been performed and muscle and connective tissue were damaged. Or, any training with weights the individual is not accustomed too is supposed to trigger DOMS. Along with this is secreted myokines, a substance that sensitize the muscle’s nerves. All these taken together, cause that bearish pain after exercising.

So, from biological point of view, there is a direct correlation between the soreness and muscle growth. As the theory said, the greater is the muscle damage, the more insupportable soreness feeling after workout should be. If so, how to explain the fact that most of experienced bodybuilders don’t feel muscle pain after intense workout? Should we consider workout was less intensive hence no muscle breakdown will be registered?

Of course, not. This is a good example that shows that considering soreness a signal of workout effectiveness is wrong.  It not an accurate indicator and has to be taken as an additional way to have a say about the workout.

Reason why soreness don’t equal with muscle growth

Muscles can grow without damage.

Satellite cells responsible for muscle growth are activated while muscles are break down. But when lifting weights mechanotransductive anabolic pathways are also activated, regardless muscles tissue were damaged or no. They can be activated by metabolic stress found on the cells, hence a synthesis process is triggered and muscles are grown even if you don’t feel pain at all.

Soreness doesn’t talk about the level of muscle damage.

As we exemplified above, experienced bodybuilders may not feel pain at all after high intense workouts. This is because pain receptors become less sensitive, hence the same training volume may cause no pain at all while the muscles were damaged even in a higher degree. From this point of view, setting soreness as a gauge of your muscle growth is a naivety. You don’t have to look for it to establish in your body within the next time after trainings, if it occurs it ok, if not your muscles are still growing.

Severe soreness doesn’t mean the muscle growth will be greater

You may try to work hard in the gym and do a higher number of sets in order to cause more muscle damage. If on this chapter you may succeed, what you have to know is that protein synthesis is limited and can’t go higher to a predictable level. That’s why despite the muscle breakdown is high and you feel dull pain in muscles, protein synthesis reach its ordinary limits, hence no big increase in muscle mass will be seen.

Lack of soreness still means muscle growth

Let’s take for example powerlifters. They are as big as bodybuilders while they concentrate more on low reps training. This kind of training is less supposed to cause soreness, but regardless of this, powerlifters manage to bulk amazing amounts of muscle mass. Therefore, never take the severe muscle pain as an indicator that more muscle mass will be packed on.

Poor warm up can cause soreness

Most of us don’t know that the pain you feel after working out may be caused by not warming body enough before beginning exercising. Studies have shown that those who use to fully warm up before entering workout session experience less soreness compare with those who neglect this aspect.

Warming up muscles increases their flexibility and push to more oxygen. And this results not only in less pain, but also lowers the risk of injuries.

So, soreness is not always occurring after working out and is not a sign of the level of muscle breakdown. Anabolic effect is not induced only by muscle damage, hence there can be registered an increase in muscle size when modest microtrauma was induced.  Does it mean that you have not to pay attention to soreness at all? No, just understand that soreness is not a gauge of muscle growth. It just talks about that muscle were damaged, but doesn’t automatically means that it turn into more muscle mass. 

Don’t get discouraged if you feel no soreness after working out. If you are sure you give all the best at gym then the lack of soreness has not to alarm you. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

What are the best drugs for pro-sexual effects?

Drug Options for Pro Sexual Effects

If you are looking to increase your prowess in the bedroom with help from something other than steroids, there are three main types of drugs you should consider:

    PDE5 inhibitors,
    Melanocortin agonists,
    Pramipexole (Mirapex).

Each performs the task in different ways with different benefits and drawbacks. Please read carefully and consider all side effects before choosing what is best for your body and bedroom activities.

What Causes an Erection?

An erection occurs when arousal triggers a series of reactions in the body that lead to the enzyme guanosine cyclase being released. Every particular enzyme only fits one substrate (compound affected by the enzyme). The substrate for guanosine cyclase is guanosine triophosphate (GTP). When guanosine cyclase is released, it joins with GTP, creating cGMP. cGMP relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, allowing increased blood flow.

PDE5 Inhibitors: How the Little Blue Pill Packs Its Punch

What are the best drugs for pro sexual effects?PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) are the most talked about drugs in the discourse about erectile dysfunction (ED). The intended effect of PDE5 inhibitors is to stop the breakdown of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) in blood vessels. By stopping the breakdown of cGMP in blood vessels that fill the penis, these drugs increase the amount of blood flow to the penis.

Side Effects and the Truth about PDE5 inhibitor Erections

Despite what some commercial and drug companies would have potential customers believe, these are not miracle drugs. Their increase in blood flow is only relative to how the user would usually perform without them. Consider the effects of the drug on a scale from 0 to 10. Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors will not take an erection from a 4 to a 10. The user at 4 will see an increase to a 6 or maybe a 7.

One thing to note is the PDE5 inhibitors do not have an effect on the libido. It is not recommended to take them daily as your body can acclimate to the effects of the drug.

Common side effects include:

    muscle pain,
    blurred vision.

With more serious side effects being:

    loss of vision, hearing,
    or an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

Melanocortin Agonists: Working from One Head Down to the Other

What are the best drugs for pro sexual effects?The most common Melanocortin Agonists are Melanotan II and bremelanotide (PT-141). They come in the form of injections and, unlike the PDE5 inhibitors, do not target the penis directly. Instead, they work from the brain down into the nervous system.

Sunny Side Effects

The recommended dose of Melonotan is 1-2 mg. The injection can take up to 8 hours before fully effective. Those who use Melanotan II can experience an increased ability to tan as well darkening of skin impurities such as moles.

Those who use PT-141 will not see an increase in ability to tan and should know it can cause nausea and backaches. The recommended dose of PT-141 is .5 to 2 mg.

Increasing Dopamine as a Pro Sexual Solution

Pramipexole (Mirapex), a dopaminergic drug, will have the best results through daily use. A safe dose is .25 mg and anything over .5 mg is not encouraged or recommended unless prescribed to you by a doctor. A safer choice would be selegiline (Deprenyl) at 2.25 mg as day.

You May not need ED Drugs

High Estradiol can also cause erectile dysfunction. Aromatase inhibitors can correct the imbalance and have a pro-sexual effect. If testosterone or estradiol is too low, one can sometimes get a pro sexual effect from HCG through correcting the deficit. While it will only increase estradiol slightly, it may be enough to get levels back to normal.


Seek to fix any sexual related problems before turning to ED drugs. But if it happened to got in a such situation be sure the above mentioned tips would help you a lot.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Anabolic Steroids : Making Musclemen Infertile

Growing numbers of men are becoming infertile because they take anabolic steroids in their quest for a muscular body, doctors have warned.

Urologists are seeing more and more men whose difficulty in becoming a father is linked to consumption of the muscle-boosting drugs.

Many fit young men who believe they are at the peak of physical perfection don't believe it could be their fault when their wives or girlfriends find it difficult to become pregnant.

They are insulted when it is suggested that they undergo a sperm test, and horrified when the results of those tests show an absence of sperm in the sample.

Such men are then referred to a urologist, and undergo a blood test. If they have been using steroids, they often have what calls deranged levels of sex hormones.

Men who regularly go to the gym should avoid taking steroids to bulk up.

Acne, aggression and an unexplained, orange skin tone akin to a tan are also associated with use of steroids.

It is a very real risk that men who take anabolic steroids will become infertile. It's almost certain that steroids will have an effect of some sort on their fertility and, in the worst-case scenario, that sperm production will stop altogether.

These patients walk through the door looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his younger days. They are having fertility problems, and it suddenly becomes obvious where the problem may lie.

Some men who stop taking steroids never regain their reproductive capacity and for others it takes years for normal sperm production to resume.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

“Testosterone Replacement Therapy” these words have become more common with every passing year but many still have no clue as to what testosterone replacement therapy really is. You’ve seen the commercials for “Low-T” and if you ask most men they sound great but many still have no clue “Low-T” is nothing more than testosterone replacement therapy and this therapy unknown to even more is nothing more than a legal prescription for anabolic steroids. That’s right, anabolic steroids; testosterone replacement therapy refers to a treatment in-which low levels of the naturally occurring hormone testosterone are brought back into an adequate range. To perform this function the anabolic steroid testosterone, a synthetic version of the hormone our body produces must be administered.

If you possess any understanding of the performance enhancing world, on its surface the idea of testosterone replacement therapy may bring you a sigh of relief but more than likely it probably irritates you at the same time. After all, for years we’ve been told anabolic steroids are brewed in the bowels of hell but if you receive testosterone replacement therapy this same hormone from which all anabolic steroids are derived from, now it’s a welcomed beacon of hope. Yes, you are correct; episodes of the Twilight Zone make far more sense than this confusing conundrum.

Let’s from this point on be clear and precise; these advertisements for “Low-T” treatment and things of this nature are nothing more than advertisements and promotions for anabolic steroids. When you inquire about testosterone replacement therapy understand you’re inquiring regarding anabolic steroids; let’s call a spade a spade. We are still a long way off from anabolic steroids being generally accepted by the whole of society but it is within testosterone replacement therapy this acceptance holds its most promising form.

If you are still unfamiliar with testosterone replacement therapy the idea is very simple. Testosterone replacement therapy is simply providing the body the testosterone it needs in-which it no longer produces naturally. Further, this same therapy is many times provided to increase testosterone levels in men who may not have a decline per say but who naturally do not make enough testosterone. This is where things find themselves a little murky; there isn’t a set level of testosterone production that is considered “Natural,” for the amounts produced vary from person to person. Even so, the idea is sound and very well received by most all men who receive it.

There are those who desire to see testosterone replacement therapy thrown into the trash pile of life; why? We don’t have a good specific answer for you because they have yet to give one themselves. Men who receive testosterone replacement therapy enjoy a higher quality of life, they feel better, and they become sick far less often and are generally happier individuals. Why on earth anyone would ever want to legislate testosterone replacement therapy into the ground is beyond reason and comprehension.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sex and Muscle Growth

Ever wonder if your sex life has to come at the expense of your ability to build muscle mass in the gym? If so, you aren't alone. Many people wonder if regular bedroom time is something that's really going to hurt their progress and some are even willing to make sacrifices if it's true.

While it is definitely true that there is a connection between sex and muscle building, it's important to understand fully what this connection is.

Here are some important factors to think about.
Potentially one of the most critical connections between sex and muscle building is the zinc status within the body. Whenever a male has an orgasm, zinc will be released in the semen. Zinc is a critical nutrient that is required for proper sperm growth and development and when levels fall short, infertility is often the consequence.

In addition to this, zinc also plays a key role in muscle development as well, as it is closely tied in with total testosterone levels. When zinc levels are low in the body there is more likely to be a noticeably lower sex drive as well as a difficulty shown with generating more lean muscle mass.

So then because zinc is lost through orgasm, if you're frequently having sex but not replacing this lost zinc through your diet, it is very likely that you're going to fall into that deficit.

In order to prevent this from happening and make sure you not only maintain healthy libido levels but also keep progressing towards your goal of muscle building, you'll want to fill your diet with foods rich in zinc such as oysters, shellfish, wheat germ, liver, cashews, pine nuts, and pecan nuts.

Sex and Strength Levels
The next connection to know about when it comes to sex and muscle building is the connection it has with your strength levels. If you've ever taken notice of yourself, most guys will find that immediately after sex they feel very relaxed and often want to fall asleep.

At this point there is a very high release of oxytocin in the body, which serves to really relax you and could cause you to feel slightly weaker than before the sex took place. This relaxation phase does not last for an extended period of time, however, and you will return to your usual hormonal levels in the body, but the take home message is that trying to attempt a training session immediately after you're involved in sexual activity may not be the best of approaches.

Aim for at least a 3-4 hour time span afterward to allow the hormones to normalize again and for you to recover your strength and energy.

Impacts Of Sex On Overall Testosterone Levels
With the issue of zinc and the effects on testosterone aside, another correlation to look at is the overall impact of frequent sexual activity on testosterone and libido levels. For most men, the more frequently they are engaging in sex, the higher their libido levels tend to be. If a large break is taken for whatever reason, at first libido will increase, but over time if release is not achieved, levels may begin to drop.

Studies have also demonstrated that when testosterone levels are elevated in the body, it has a positive impact on libido levels. Therefore, when testosterone levels are higher, this will, in return, keep you interested in sex and the act of sex will serve as a positive reinforcement, further maintaining the cycle.

Since testosterone levels are one of the primary predictors of muscle growth and development, having higher levels in the body will help to induce greater muscle gains.

Obviously the workouts must be performed in conjunction to simulate the muscle growth response, but doing everything possible to maintain high testosterone will work to your benefit.

Sex and Focus
Finally, the last impact of sex on muscle building is going to be with regards to your focus levels. Maintaining focus both in the gym and out for the actual gym sessions will be critical to see optimal results. In some extreme cases if you become too fixated on sexual activity, you may prioritize this ahead of regular workout sessions, which will then have a large impact on the overall results you experience.

Obviously this will be to the extreme and most people will have no trouble maintaining a normal balance between the two, but if you feel like you may be pushing the barrier between an unhealthy balance it is worthwhile to seriously consider.

For many people this will never be an issue as their workouts are directly tied in to their desire to become more sexually appealing as they workout for a large part to look good for members of the opposite gender. So by keeping up with their workouts regularly, they will help promote the chances of frequent intercourse.

So next time you find yourself questioning what the impact of sex is on your muscle building efforts, keep these points in mind. The good news is that those who do take a more active role in regular workouts and maintaining a good diet are far more likely to be healthy and thus experience fewer sexual problems such as pre-mature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, so you won't have to worry about either of those impacting your overall ability to perform in bed.

As with anything in life, balance is key and as long as balance is achieved, you should have no worries about maintaining a healthy sex life while making the absolute most of your muscle building efforts in the gym.