Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penis Enlargement History

A woman would prefer an extra inch in male penis to all that can give this or another world. (ancient Moslem aphorism).

In all times a lot of attention was paid to penis size. Big penis believed to be a reflection of strength and power of a man, it was a male symbol of superiority. Male efforts to have अ bigger penis resulted in appearing of different methods of penis enlargement.

There are four types of men:
1. Rabbit man – a man whose erected penis has just 5 cm and is considered flexible, elastic and strong. Also it is called “beautiful perfect man”.
2. Macho – a man with penis of average size that is called “perfection among soldiers”. He is graceful and flexible and his erected penis has 10-15 cm.
3. Owse man – a man with penis of 18-20 cm which is characterized as “blocky and tough”.
4. Stallion man – a rare man with thick as wrist and big penis hung like a bull, having size of more than 29 cm. Hindu sarcastically call this type of males “absolutely useless and slack”.

Ancient Greece
Big penis was considered an abnormal thing. Usually they were “sent” in art, caricatures, satyrs and wild people images.
“Small penises are more fertile than big ones, because sperm has to come over a shorter distance and during the ejaculation it cools down slowly”. Aristoteles

The Arab world

The Arabs were so much attached to idea of superiority of big penises, that the Ottoman Turks conquered them partially due to their ideas about phallic superiority of Turks.

In Europe during Renaissance in fashion were laid-on male codpieces – several layers of straps of usual gross material which were sewed to lower part of suit of clothes. Men with small penises put in codpieces handkerchiefs, coins and keys to make penis look much bigger.

Regardless of culture or epoch the only thing was also partially assured – almost in every society big penis was a symbol of male superiority.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Should You Know About Penis Size

It is considered that a normal penis size of erected penis is from 12 to 18 cm, and in relaxed state average penis size is 7,5 - 10,5 cm। The width of penis in erected state is 3 - 3,5 cm.

Penis of less than 12 cm in erected state is considered small, penis of less 8-10 cm is considered micro penis. According to bookish data, the size of the most big penis is 25 - 30 cm having 15-18 cm in diameter. Naturally, there is a big doubt about the ability of proper use of such penis.

In relaxed state, penis size is defined by degree of filling with blood of cavernous bodies. Cavernous bodies are a kind of spongy lumps consisting of lots of vessels and cavernas, which are able to respond to activity of the active substances existing in blood and also they respond to influence on temperature factors. So when air temperature lowers, then occurs vessel constriction of penis which leads to lowering of blood admission into cavernous bodies and lowering of penis size. When temperature of air rises then occurs reverse reaction.

Vessel constrictions and lowering of penis size occurs when adrenaline is ejected in blood as a reply to fright and other stress situation. That is why occurs such thing as penis, big during erection, is lowered multiply and is decreased at rest. The size of erected penis is limited by fibrous tunic – a texture consisting of strong connective tissue which limits traction of penis during erection.

It is considered today that level of testosterone during sexual development plays main role in penis development by defining its size. Small sizes of penis (less than 8-10cm) can indirectly indicate serious endocrine disorders connected with low production of testosterone. Quite great dispersion of measures of penis normal size (12 cm and 18 cm) can be result of individual differences in anatomy of inguinal region.

There is an opinion that men with normal level of testosterone and normal development of cavernous bodies owing to individual differences have frank latent part of cavernous bodies which are responsible for their attachment to pubic bones and also for penis fixation.

However, for most men most important thing is their own ideas about normal penis size which are formed by personal sexual experience or by the wish to be better than others. Here overall average data as a rule is not taken into consideration.

How to measure penis length?
Penis should be measured with a ruler at room temperature. Penis is measured in erected state on its backside (dorsal surface) starting from pubis till the end of penis head. This is the best way of measure because it reflects functional penis length. Such factors as concretion of subcutaneous fat in pubis region and bad erection can influence on functional penis length making it smaller.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Else Can You Do For Penis Enlargement

First of all, you should understand that the only way to enlarge an anatomically normal penis with a normal erection is a permanent penis traction on a special device called extender with the help of which occurs not just tissue compliance increase but also foreskin growth – all that leads to a real penis enlargement when erected। Besides penis enlargement also it is possible to make penis widening by elasticity increase in albuginea and common blood pressure on the walls of penis during erection by hydrodynamics laws.

So, what you can do to achieve the best result in penis enlargement?
1. Penile ligament surgery
You should know that the final result totally depends on the original penis size, because penile ligament surgery enlarges only the length which will be enlarged on extender. So after the surgery penis enlargement will be more effective in case you use extender.

2. Penis enlargement vacuum pumps
The pump has no major importance in penis enlargement because the extender is more handy. You can put the extender on and mind your work. When the talk is about pump you are “attached” to it. It is hard to imagine that you should find free hours every day for using a pump.
However, exercises with pump are reasonable enough before extender usage as physiotherapy in order to “heat” penis and to pull it before you put extender on penis. You should use pump just for 10-15 minutes.

3. Self-made system for penis enlargement
Let us see the main point here. You can make a special band with a rubber from one side. The band must be fastened with hook and loop around penis head. From the band goes a rubber which goes through a fixing on the knee ending with a special irons dressed on foot. Both fixing and irons can be made of non-crushing medical bandage. So when walking, your penis is always in traction. You may use this system when it is impossible to use extender. Also you may use it when you drive in your car at your work and then in office you may use extender.

4. Sex
You should have sex regularly. Do not forget about it.

5. Hormonal therapy (ointment)
Use ointment which contains just active testosterone for local metabolic effect on penis, which is sensitive to hormonal action. This may be effective only if you use extender. In case you have hormonal dysregulations and low testosterone level, after you consult the endocrinologist it would be reasonable to take a course of hormonal injection therapy.
Ointment local administration containing just testosterone has no sense, because testosterone should absorb into blood and pass pathways in order to become active. After that it hits though the blood commonly into all organs and tissues, so the sense of local administration is lost.

As to usage of different drugs such as pills and ointments containing natural components and ingredients that intensify penis blood circulation, it should be said that mechanism of action of those drugs doesn't stand up to scrutiny from a perspective of normal physiology and penis anatomy – it works out for people having no medical education।Today the most effective pills to increase erection are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, and the metabolic drug substance acting on penis is active testosterone. Sure, you can think that against strong erection happens penis traction from the inside. How much time should last erection to get its action started for penis enlargement? Isn't it easier to use extender? Besides that, against super erection penis may really seem bigger than it was by maximum traction of penis tissues.

Pills containing testosterone are virulent for the body because their usage destroy liver. Men over 45 years should be careful when taking testosterone.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Prognosis for Penis Enlargement

The level of penis enlargement on extender after penile ligament surgery or without it depends on the following factors:
1) Original penis size
The more longer is penis initially, the more better it enlarges. It means that the more tissues are involved in traction, the more better is result. That is why it is necessary to make penile ligament surgery to help enlarge penis length that will be enlarged on extender.

2) Right penis anatomy
With other words everything depends on how well extender is placed. If extender is not sliding down and it placed good – then there will be no problems in its usage (you have placed it on your penis and feel yourself comfortable). In case extender is placed bad and as a result is sliding down, and in order to fix it you pull over extender strap and so balanus is constricted, then extender usage can become a horror for you and maybe it is more wiser to refuse from the idea about penis enlargement.

3) Patient's insistence
Certainly, it is better to use extender for 2 hours and not just for 30 minutes at a time, and for 6-8 hours a day and not just 1-2 hours.

4) Age
It is clear that a young man has more prospect than a man of 40-50 years. Elasticity and ability of tissues to tension can be the determinate factors.

5) Lack or existence of hormonal problems
Small penis can be an indirect proof of low testosterone production (male sex hormone). That is why in some cases before penis enlargement it is necessary to undergo hormone examination to decide whether is reasonable to use hormonal therapy.

According to statistics penis having 14cm length can be enlarged in average on 2.8cm.

However, are known cases when 12 cm penis was enlarged up to 19.5 cm after penile ligament surgery and one year of extender usage. But also are known cases when during half-year extender usage, penis was enlarged just 0.5cm. There were also cases when patients could not use extender more than half-hour a day, so they achieved the result of 2cm with extender usage for one year.

Too rarely occurs that penis not enlarges that is connected with the lack of tissue reaction and with closing of growing zones.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Penis enlargement and your important decisions

Before you decide to lengthen your penis, you should answer the next questions:
1) Will you have about 4 hours a day to wear extender during a long period of time?
2) What else I want to do to achieve maximum result?
First question bears just organizational character. If extender will be kept well, you can bear it at your job in case it is not connected with physical activity, or staying in the office. When you are dressed in slacks, other people don't see extender. Besides that, slacks do not interfere with extender wearing and do not draw it up bringing traction to nought.

The second question is more complicated. Proceeding from postulate that the final result depends on the original penis length, it is important to consider the advisability of operation.

The surgical indication is not only patient's desire but the original penis length.

If penis is less than 12cm, then it is necessary to make operation because here the talk is about penis hypoplasia and we have to fight every single millimeter.
If penis is less than 15cm, then operation should be made to achieve maximum result.
If penis length is 15-18cm, it is wiser to make operation.
If penis length is more than 18cm, then there is no reason to make operation.

Certainly, this classification is quite relative and in majority of cases patient's desire is determining factor.

You should remember that penile ligament surgery increases only the length that will be enlarged on extender, in other words, it helps extender to act upon inner (latent) side of penis.

As to usage of hormones, in case of penis hypoplasia and hormonal dysregulations, they should be used for integrated effect on penis tissues. In these cases testosterone injections are prescribed. If penis length is normal and there is no hormonal regulation dysplasia, then you should use only creams containing active testosterone (dihydro-testosterone).

The idea consists in local action of active testosterone upon organ sensitive to it. During penis traction on extender growing zones are activated and local action of dihydro-testosterone can help this process. Moreover, that is actual for patients with small penis and paucity of skin after cutting of foreskin.

Administration of dihydro-testosterone in form of creams is not causing testosterone rise, so there is no suppression of own testosterone production. Besides that, testosterone does not become estradiol – female sex hormone.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Penis Enlargement Strategy

The main idea of penis enlargement is in his permanent static traction with a special orthopedic device called extender. Modern extenders do not have fundamental functional differences except their list of equipment and the way of their fixing.

Strategy of enlargement is a creation of prolonged conditions for penis traction with equal force by increasing of bar lengths on regular intervals. First it is necessary to define starting point – the initial length of bars from which starts penis enlargement.

According to instruction to some models of extenders, “starting point” is defined randomly as maximum bar lengths, then 1-2cm are subtracted. That is to say, the talk is about primary extender wearing on invariably smaller length. Also an important role plays preparatory period (1-2 months) during which the device should be worn on a reduced length that is necessary to let penis “get used” to traction.

It should be said that this approach is inadmissible if there was made penile ligament surgery. In this case the length of bars should be maximum because it allows to fix penis in forward condition. Here the “starting point” is defined as maximum admissible bar lengths. Then bars are established on equal lengths with equal intervals.

The need of preparatory period can also be in doubt, even if there was no operation. If keeping 10-days interval on increasing of extender bars, then first 10 days will be enough for preparatory penis traction.

Specialists say that minimal interval of increasing of bars is 10 days and average addition to the length is 5mm. The construction of modern extenders allows to enlarge bars by putting small bars (5mm) from set on them.

How it happens in ideal case?
In a period of 40 days from the beginning, bars are lengthened on 2cm.
In a period of 80 days, bars are lengthened on 4cm.
In a period of 120 days (4 months)– on 6cm.

The level of penis enlargement on extender when maximum traction usually is ahead of 2-3 times of enlargement when penis erected.

Really, using maximum traction on device penis is more longer and thinner than it is when erected. The point is that during traction occurs not only growth of penile skin but also increase of its elasticity. When intense erection the blood equally strongly acts on all sides of penis that is why penis enlargement can result in its widening and not decrease of its thickness.

So if you established a maximum starting point at 6cm, that means you can get penis increased 2-3 times when erected.

That is why if you follow all recommendations and keep this strategy, in 6 months you can get you penis enlarged 2 times that is a very good result. An average result is 2.5-3.5cm. Maximum result is 4-5cm.

Everything mentioned above describes an ideal situation.
The initial length of penis is about 15cm when erected (average standard).
Condition of wearing – 8 hours a day.
Interval of bars increase – 10 days.
Each step – 2mm.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The fundamental condition for penis enlargement is his permanent mechanic extension on device.

General instructions on extender usage

First, you should define the length of extender bar. For that you should learn to don device in such way to not get foreskin into extender strap, penis head should not be squeezed, everything should be kept well, you should have a feeling of pull-up and extender must be held out well.

Then in the next 10 days extender should be carried at this length, not by adding either a millimeter. In other words, when you wear device during the next 10 days, you should unscrew bars on the same length. To avoid mistakes, it is effectually to use ruler that applies to the foreskin base and measures the length to edge of extender. There is no sense in remembering the length of bars.


It is very important to keep two main rules – the course and constancy. In other words, to increase bar lengths little by little and all the time with the same intervals.

Approximately, on 8-9 day can appear feelings that penis is swagging or is badly pulled and you feel like you want to unscrew bards. But you should not do this, because it would not lead to increasing but just will do rick of tissues. On 11 day it is necessary to put bar on 3-6mm to get again the feeling of pull-up. So it is important to keep 10-day interval to increase bar length, that means every 10 days to put bar on a particular length.

When lengths of established bar will be lack (carving appears when putting bars on), then at the top of established bars it is necessary to put bars from the set.

How long it is necessary to wear it at a time? It is considered, that it must be not less than two hours a day. That means, that when you wear extender you should stay in it for two hours. From other side, if in two hours you do not feel any discomfort you can stay in extender up to three hours. So, device should be used not less than 4-8 hours a day.

Here the most important thing is not force which is used to pull penis, but the time of exposition, because it is better to wear extender on 3 hours on middle traction than half hour on maximum traction.

It is totally contradicted to use device during sleep. The point is that during the sleep take place physiological erections: filling penile erectile tissue with blood results in its enlargement and widening that in case of having extender on penis is absolutely inadmissible. Erected penis inevitably is pressed between area and strap of extender that leads to stopping blood admission to the penis head and causes different complications. So, extender must be used only during awakening.

How long it is recommended to use the device?
Device should be used until achieving desirable effect but no more than one year. As a rule, the increasing takes place in terms of 3 to 6 months.

How to take care after device?
Extender is a device that does not need any special care. But it would be good sometimes to wash area and strap out with cold water along with soap, and its base with bars to clean out with spiritus.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Penile Suspensory Ligament Surgery

The idea of operation is to remove the ligaments fixing the inner hidden part of the penis (that can be quite long) to the pelvic bones।

By itself, this surgery does not make penis larger and penis remains the same as before, because the operation bears auxiliary character and it has no effect without use of extender. The operation is only to improve the final result of lengthening of the penis with use of this devise.

The point is that the result depends entirely on the original length of the penis. Penile ligament surgery enlarges only part of penis that will be enlarged on extender, that allows the extender to react from the inside of the penis.

Initially the operation was carried out through the cut in the pubic region. It would seem that such an approach allows more quickly and easy to access the ligament. However, that is not so. Penile ligament surgery through pubic lasts for a long while and during operation a great cut is made. The operation results in noticeable scar in pubic region, excessive damage of tissues and of subcutaneous fat and, most importantly, makes it difficult wearing of the device.

Nowadays penile ligament surgery is holding in the cod region on its median joint that is slightly more difficult for the surgeon, but much easier for patients. The method is fine enough, the approach is minimal and the cut heals leaving no scar.

After the operation it is necessary to use extender. This devise should be used within a few months (3 or more) every day for several hours (4 or more).

The period of hospitalizing is 2-3 days. The term of the total rehabilitation is 8-10 days. In fact, sex can be made immediately, the only discomfort at that period is a bandage on the scrotum and a slight pain in the pubic region.

Enlargement of penis

Unfortunately, the operation which safely and effectively enlarges the normal penis, does not exist.

Of course, you can hold a one-stage operation of penis ligament cutting and make a plastic operation of penile skin where the penis is layered, but this lengthening would inevitably lead to the loss of natural erection because this cutting involves dissection of the deep tissue of the penis and is combined with his prosthesis - the operation, during which anatomy of the penis is violated that excludes physiological erection. In addition, the distensibility of urethra, blood vessels and nerves do not allow simultaneous enlargement of penis by more than 1-1.5 cm Moreover, a normal penis with a normal erection can not be separated from his ends of hip bones and moved forward. Theoretically, such operation is possible, but it would include cutting of blood vessels of the penis and urethra, and will be combined with his prosthesis.

It is clear that surgical intervention is not acceptable when we are talking about lengthening of the penis with normal size and keeping the erection.

The only safe method for surgical lengthening of the penis is ligamentotomy access through cod with the following usage of a special device called extender. As for the conservative (without surgical intervention) lengthening of the penis without any loss of its functions, the only way is to use the extender, which helps to increase penile skin and tissue due to the continuous mechanical action.

This method is called extension. Its effectiveness is proved by numerous observation of people practicing extension of different parts of the body: tribes of long-necked people in Africa, who since childhood bear rings on the neck, which leads to a significant increase in its length, or the talapoins pulling ears, length of which reaches the shoulders. The penis makes no exception. Indeed, his tissues are responding the same to a permanent mechanical action, as well as skin, muscle and connective tissue.

That is why to enlarge the penis both in rest and in the erected state, there was proposed method of extension of the penis with a special device called extender.