Thursday, January 23, 2014

High Testosterone

From magazine adds to TV commercials, with increasingly regularity you hear talk of those suffering from low testosterone. You’ve seen the commercials talking about “Low-T” and the treatment of the condition, but what about high testosterone, what about those suffering from high testosterone? Let’s be clear, if you’re a man with high testosterone you’re not suffering, in-fact, your quality of life is more than likely far greater than the man next to you. To understand this, we only need to understand two things, what testosterone is and what happens when our levels fall. Once we understand these two simple, very simple things, then we can have a grasp on what high testosterone can do for you.
Understanding Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male hormone, the primary androgen, and by its nature is responsible for male sexual development and the male characteristics. While testosterone is the primary male hormone it is also produced by women, although in far lesser amounts. In either case, with men and women testosterone is essential to our health and function; men simply require more, about ten times the amount. By design, testosterone affects both our physical and mental state, as well as our overall sexual function.
Low Testosterone

Millions upon millions of men worldwide suffer from low testosterone; in the U.S. alone it is estimated to be between 15-20 million. Many women suffer from testosterone related issues too; women who are on birth control often find their levels suppressed, and post-menopausal women often find they have a problem. Even so, it will be men who carry the brunt of the weight and when levels fall rest assured it is no fun for anyone. Low testosterone can cause many unwanted symptoms, including but not limited to:

Loss of Libido

Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Muscle Mass

Loss of Strength


Increased Body-Fat

Inability to Lose Body-Fat

Loss of Focus

Loss of Energy


The Reverse

When we have high testosterone levels, we can take the list above and completely flip it around. When we have high testosterone levels, not only will the above symptoms never occur, but regarding each one that area of our life will be improved upon. No, this does not automatically mean those with high testosterone will be behemoths of muscle and strength, training and diet will still dictate this end. However, men with high testosterone will be in better shape, enjoy a higher quality of life and simply possess a better sense of well-being. Men with high levels can expect the following:

Increased Muscle Mass

Increased Strength

Decreased Body-Fat

Increased Clarity of Thought

Increased Energy

Enhanced Mood

Increased Libido

Better Rest

Increased Rate of Recovery

Obtaining High Levels

There is no set in stone normal testosterone level. As individuals, we all produce varying amounts of the hormone, and the amounts naturally produced can vary dramatically from person to person. In any case, in most therapeutic circles a total testosterone reading of 300ng/dl or below is considered low with anywhere from 500ng/dl-700ng/dl being considered adequate. As you can see, that’s quite a variation.

In any case, we can describe high testosterone as any amount above your baseline average, and to obtain it there is only one true way; anabolic steroids. If you desire high testosterone levels you will need to supplement with the primary anabolic steroid testosterone. If you need more gas in your car then guess what, you need to put gas in the car, and if you want more testosterone in the body you’re going to have to give the body testosterone. There are certain foods you can eat that will naturally stimulate production and there are a few testosterone boosting supplements, but to obtain true high levels, pure exogenous testosterone is the only way.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anabolic steroids making musclemen infertile

Bodybuilders destroying their chance of becoming fathers in their quest to bulk up, specialists report.

Growing numbers of men are becoming infertile because they take anabolic steroids in their quest for a muscular body, doctors have warned.

Urologists are seeing more and more men whose difficulty in becoming a father is linked to consumption of the muscle-boosting drugs.

Steve Payne, a consultant urologist at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and a council member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, said: "Many fit young men who believe they are at the peak of physical perfection don't believe it could be their fault when their wives or girlfriends find it difficult to become pregnant.

"They are insulted when it is suggested that they undergo a sperm test, and horrified when the results of those tests show an absence of sperm in the sample."

Such men are then referred to a urologist, and undergo a blood test. If they have been using steroids, they often have what Payne calls deranged levels of sex hormones.

Men who regularly go to the gym should avoid taking steroids to bulk up, Payne added.

Acne, aggression and an unexplained, orangey skin tone akin to a tan are also associated with use of steroids.

Dr Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University, warned: "It is a very real risk that men who take anabolic steroids will become infertile. It's almost certain that they [the steroids] will have an effect of some sort on their fertility and, in the worst-case scenario, that sperm production will stop altogether.

"These patients walk through the door looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his younger days. They are having fertility problems, and it suddenly becomes obvious where the problem may lie."

Some men who stop taking steroids never regain their reproductive capacity and for others it takes years for normal sperm production to resume, Pacey added.