Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can Using Steroids Make Your Penis Shrink, Make Your Penis Grow, Or Will Your Penis Stay The Same Size?

A lot of guys ask this question before they use illegal steroids or legal steroids for the first time. The quick and easy answer is this: if you are over the age 21 and no longer in your natural growth cycle then NO, steroids will not make your penis grow. If you are under 21 and are still in the natural growth cycle then the answer is YES steroids can impact penis growth. This is one of the reasons why basically everyone will tell you that you should NEVER use anabolic steroids of any kind unless you are 21 years of age or older. Take anabolic steroids at a younger age can have a variety of effects many of which would be undesirable for most though some would be considerable desirable by most.

The science behind steroids on penis growth in the simplest terms goes like this, people who use Anabolic Steroids have to basic classes that they breakdown all steroids into; dry compounds and wet compounds. “Dry” steroidal compounds are the ones that do not convert to estrogen and the “wet” steroidal compounds are the ones that do convert and/or behave like estrogen in the body. There is no perfected science or understanding yet in the world of steroids but as far as we understand it if you are young enough and still growing, the use of dry steroids should increase the size of your penis, how tall your grow, etc. Conversely, the use of wet steroids should decrease the size of your penis, how tall you will grow, etc.

So to recap so far, if you are fewer than 21 years of age, we never suggest the use of steroids. Instead there is a proven supplement with loads of research behind it that safely and naturally shift your androgen levels towards a higher levels of DHT, which hypothetically could increase your penis size, height, etc. Any guesses? Start with the letter C…….that’s right, Creatine! Demonstrated safe, time and again for use from teens all the way to the very elderly creatine truly is a staple supplement that should be used by most everyone!
Steroids And Penis Size For Those Over 21? Will It Help? The Answer is…

No. This is a MYTH. You’re penis will not shrink or grow if you are over 21 and using steroids. This newer urban myth that steroids will make your penis shrivel up to the size of a raisin is because of the long known effect that steroids has on the testicles. FACT: When use steroids you’re balls do shrink up some. This testicular shrinkage is attributed to the natural “shut down” that happens in the body when steroids from the outside coming signal the body that they testies don’t need to keep making testosterone internally as normal. This shrinkage effect reverses in 1-2 months after a cycle or you can use PCT, Post Cycle Therapy, to speed up this recovery time when your body begins to make its own testosterone again.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Masculine Anorgasmia

This sexual problem is fond in a minority. With any masculine orgasm disorder, it is a good idea to start off by considering the physical aspects (physiological or medical) to discard them, if that is the case. Moreover, it will be necessary to go into the psychological aspects.

With respect to the physiology of the masculine orgasm phase, we have to say that it consists of three sub-phases: sperm emission; formation of pressure chamber, and seminal expulsion.

During the emission, the contraction of the internal genital muscles transports the whole of sperm to the posterior urethra. Following that, due to the sympathetic stimulus, the internal and the external urethral sphincters, contract. When the inframontanal urethra relaxes, it forms the so called “pressure chamber”, that contains the semen stored there. Lastly, the clone-tonic contraction of the periuretral and perennial muscle increases the semen pressure in the posterior urethra. This forces the opening and provokes the relaxation of the external urethral sphincter, at the time that it projects the semen to the exterior between 3 and 5 shots.

During the emission, most men experiment the subjective impression equivalent to the ejaculatory imminence or “point of no-return”.

Like the rest of sexual disorders, the orgasm disorders take place in heterosexual or homosexual people and relationships.

In the masculine orgasm disorder, be it premature or retarded ejaculation, generally is referred to in relation to the sexual intercourse of vaginal penetration, for heterosexuals. In homosexual relations between men, it refers in relation to the anal coitus.

The key factors to its diagnosis are the same for heterosexual and homosexual males, no matter if it takes place in the vaginal or anal penetration, and is generalized to all penetration form, or it happens in all sexual practices.

In general, ejaculation is identified with orgasm, even if non pleasant ejaculations take place, without any medical explanation. It is believed that the main reason is that brain does not perceive the ejaculation signal, and if it does not get it, it does not translate it either as pleasure.

Ejaculatory control is one of the main concerns in males with respect to their sexual performance. To get to know when it is the best moment to ejaculate can become sometimes in an intense worry and can generate anxiety.

Trial and error affect some males negatively. It can undermine their self-esteem and their confidence in relation to their sexual performance. This may show up as a lack of ejaculatory control, in which the male has difficulties to get an orgasm and ejaculate.

There are different types of exercises and techniques, as a part of sexological therapy, to resolve the orgasm disorders in males (and females).

The length of therapy will depend on various issues, such as the degree of severity of the problem.