Friday, February 8, 2013

Husbands, Who Help Spouse With Housework, Have Less Sex

Men who help their wives with household chores, rarely have sex, compared with husbands of the so-called "traditional" marriages, where the entire household work falls on the shoulders of his wife, according to a study prepared jointly by experts from several universities in the U.S. and Spain.

At the same time, do not give up prematurely cleaning and washing dishes: doctors found that the families of the traditional type spouse rarely keeps faithful to her husband. In other words, helping his wife cope with family responsibilities, you thereby, reduces the likelihood that she will stare at other men. In a total of 4500 participated heterosexual couples. Test group was divided into several categories, depending on the marriage structure of everyday life. The first category was just traditional family type - all chores performs wife, while the husband earns money mainly.

In the second category of domestic responsibilities in the family were clearly separated, and the wife has to cook and clean, and my husband is in charge of all matters relating to electrical, plumbing, car maintenance and paying bills. Compared with the traditional model of the family, the time appointed by sex, in these pairs was 30% less. The third category of families cases husbands situation was very bad. Here representatives of half of mankind is taking on all the household duties, sharing them with my wife about equally, sometimes taking on even more of them. As a result, in these pairs sex happened at 50% less than in the category of families of the traditional type.

However, as was established by experts, the issue of sharing of domestic responsibilities is a double edged sword. In an anonymous survey of experts found that the families of the traditional type wife is cheating on her husband in an average of 15% more than in families where the household responsibilities are divided into male and female (the family of the second category). However, worst of all, in this case things are again men from families in which all the responsibilities are divided equally (families of the third category). In such families, husbands change in average by 20% more than the husbands of the families of the second category.

However, scientists were quick to add that the research question is not so simple as it looks at first glance. "We found a lot of factors that may have an impact on the phenomenon. Thus, in particular, much less a wife cheated on her husband, who was a good material prosperity. The degree of attractiveness of the husband, wife and the satisfaction of his behaviour in bed is largely determined by how often couples have sex. So to a certain extent provided statistics are conditional " - say the authors of the study.

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