Monday, July 1, 2013

"How To Be a Father" - Tips for Bodybuilders

Not only women want to look beautiful and have a flawless physique. Often, men also tend to find a figure of Apollo. To do this, they come to the gym and began to go in for sports, and that the result was not long in coming, many people start using anabolic steroids. "The main thing - to build muscle and look at 5 points, and the effects and side effects will somehow then we shall understand" - they think, even without presenting all that awaits them. And for good reason ...

Anabolic steroids and androgens (male sex hormones) have in common a general matter - the hormone testosterone. All existing drugs anabolic steroids differ from the original substance or low androgenic function or even higher androgenic and anabolic activity reduced. This explains the differences in their work:

    increase muscle mass and muscle definition;
    weight gain;
    fat burning, etc.

Actually, it is possible in many ways relates to the use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. However, special attention should be given to the young men who sooner or later will be a question of procreation. The truth is, you need to know before planning a man-child, than to wrap his sporting achievements. After weighing the pros and cons, each athlete must make his own decision for themselves - to use dope or not. It is important for receiving funds doping took place under the strict supervision of a physician.

At present, anabolic steroids are widely available, and there are quite a clear idea about the side effects of their impact on the body. Most athletes who buy Anabolic Steroids, do not think of that may be harmful to your health. They focus exclusively on achieving results that, in their opinion, should provide the necessary steroids. The conventional wisdom, especially beginners, that "the more, the better and more efficiently." This is a profound and dangerous mistake, having neither theoretical nor practical justification.

The danger is that the use of performance enhancing drugs is not caused by any one negative side effect. The nature of the toxicological properties of these drugs. It's hard to believe, but the reception they could end tragically - even death. In most cases, dependent on the dosage. The higher the dose, the more likely the occurrence of various negative effects. These side effects include  water retention in the body, the change in size of testicles in the scrotum, Workflow infringements of the liver, loss of hair on the head, body hair growth PROBLEMS sleeping, increased appetite, gynecomastia, decreased temblor voice, increased aggression. Most of these side effects are assumed time is reached, they disappear after anabolic steroids cycle ends.

Possible causes danger to the health requirements of athletes stop use doping and never to use them. However, there are always those who will use steroids. Fight with many of the side effects should start at first signs stages of their appearance. In connection with this, if you still use the AC , the Punctual advice from doctor help you to avoid complications.

Acceptance of anabolic steroids by athletes and can lead to a decrease in sperm production and a change in the composition of normal sperm  operating, "wrinkled" testicles, that is, to infertility. So before you start taking these drugs with the aim of becoming simply a "sport", think about how it will affect your health, your ability to bear children. Weigh the pros and cons and decide what is more important to you - to be beautiful or have the good fortune to become a father.

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