Monday, December 17, 2012

Congenital Curvature Operation

Preoperative Preparation
Before operation no special preparation is needed if patient has not chronic diseases which could cause complications during operation. On the day of operation patient should not eat or drink.

Congenital Curvature Operation
The operation is performed under general anaesthesia (intravenous anesthesia) or spinal anesthesia.

Medicated erection is evoked by injecting papaverine into cavernous bodies of the penis to detect localization of curvature.

Is performed skin cut (like in circumcision), after which are overlapped restrict cuts from convex side of curvature area. The duration of operation is at average 40 minutes.

After operation

In the first 24 - 48 hours patient may feel discomfort showing with pains or edema in the area of intervention which may require usage of painkillers.

During 10 days after operation patient should make bandaging by himself and insignificantly limit physical activity.

During first two months after operation patient should not live sexual life in order to avoid break of inner cuts. Cuts are removed in ten days after operation.

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