Monday, December 3, 2012

Congenital Curvature

There are two causes of congenital curvature:
1. asymmetry (different length) of cavernous bodies which leads to curvature aside
2. relative shortening of urethra

The possibility to have erection persists, however, curvature may cause serious difficulties in sexual life. Major method of treatment is surgery during which is shortened albugineous tunic with curvature lowering.

The are two ways of performing the operation:

1) overlap of lengthwise parallel astringent stitches on albugineous tunic of penis without its preliminary exsection. Thus, time for operation is reduced and cavernous tissue is not damaged which is inevitable during resection of part of albugineous tunic. As vessels and nerves of penis during operation are not damaged, there are no serious complication after it.

2) resection of segment of albugineous tunic and mergence of defected edges against each other. On albugineous tunic appears a quite solid adhesion. However, major problem of this method is following: during resection of segment of albugineous tunic inevitably gets traumatized a part of cavernous tissue near resecting fragment of albugineous tunic.

This may lead to fibrotic changes in cavernous tissue and development of erectile dysfunction. Therefore this method of operation is used quite rarely because the majority of patients with congenital curvature are young males and the problem of normal functioning of cavernous tissue remains actual.

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